Sunday, April 1, 2012

Vons...charging 10 cents for paper bags! "Green" ban on plastic has a price!

As I stood in line at Vons supermarket in Santa Monica, I casually glanced at the headlines of the tabloid rags, as the cashier quickly - and for the most part - efficiently scanned the groceries for the woman in line ahead of me without any snafus.

Then, suddenly, something appeared to be amiss.

Although the total had been calculated with little ado, for some inexplicable reason, the shelf products remained scattered about the conveyor belt unpacked.

Right away, I noticed that the employee was working alone, with nary a cute little box boy in sight.

Was the gal - obviously a former flower child of yesteryear - having an acid flash back-or-two which suspended her mobility (or mental-processes temporarily)?

Just as the thought crossed my mind, the shopper upfront suddenly became aware of the hold-up, too.


Did the worker expect her to juggle the produce in her hands all the way out to her waiting vehicle in the busy parking lot?

"I'll take a bag, please," she informed the employee at this point, with a touch of annoyance in her voice.

In a knee-jerk reaction of-sorts, the cashier was inclined to share a thought-or-two of her own on the issue at hand.

"I'll have to charge you ten cents for the bag," Vons finest responded, with a smug look of satisfaction on her face.

Say what?

For those of you who haven't been paying attention to the skirmishes that have been going down over plastic bagsand the environment down at City Hall - or in the local courts - it must have come as a shock.


With the ban on plastic bags now in force in a handful of cities on the West Coast in the State of California, the Execs at a handful of the major grocers have opted to pass the cost on to the consumer.

But, this sensible shopper wasn't buying it, no way no how.

"No thanks," she replied, without skipping a beat, as she gathered up the shelf goods and made a hasty exit out the front door without looking back.

When I moved up in the line, I chuckled to myself.

"We'll see how long this policy lasts," I muttered in amusement to myself.

News at 11!

Bring a stylish canvas bag to carry all!

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