Sunday, April 8, 2012

TRASHed COACHELLA.."Lab Art" Gallery exhibit celebrates garbage! Educates youth about recycling!


A ubiquitous sign blinked "LAB ART" out front - catching the eye of passers-by - as invited guests trotted into the artsy-fartsy gallery space on South La Brea last night to take a sip on an exotic cocktail courtesy of an open bar, chat up art-lovers, and take a gander at an exhibit of garbage bins.

Say what?

Actually, the environmentally-inspired art display - TRASHed COACHELLA - was organized by music festival visionaries, with the express aim of educating concert-goers about recycling and the need to protect the planet.

To that end, 50 select artists were commissoned to redesign garbage bins - in a myriad of eco-friendly themes - to be installed at an interactive "Art Walk" at the annual Coachella Music and Arts Festival coming up this week (and next) where it is hoped that the colorfully-decorated recepticles will raise the consciousness about recycling and encourage youths - adults, too - to find ways to reduce their carbon footprint in the future.

The "Art" works on exhibit last night ran the gamut - from the fanciful to the insightful - you betcha!

In fact, a half-a-dozen or so were so well-crafted - others not! - that they deserve to be placed on a pedestal in a museum setting once the installation is shut-down (for posterity's sake, at least).

What do they say?

One man's garbage is another man's treasure!

All of the contestants who made the finals this year will be gifted with free passes to the Coachella Festival by the way.


For your information, submissions are now being accepted for next year's popular competition, for those artists and environmentalists who are keen on participating in 2013!

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