Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Top Ten Night Clubs

1. RAIN IN THE DESERT: one of the top night clubs in the las vegas is commonly known as Rain in the desert among its know and night life fan. It has been spotted by variety of popular and very famous celebrities and popular personalities from the entertainment and fashion industries. Entry is allowed only adult people. You can find perfect for your glittering, contagious and alluring bodies dancing on the elevated floors. This is was first night club which introduced in 2001 dancing water fountain struggle to keep up. For entry to be reserved in advance by booking because there are always awaiting line of some people to get in there.so there is plenty of flights to las vegas from around the world.

2. LAX: This is unique in among the night club goers. It’s magnificently sophisticated and gorgeous friendly environment that is not elsewhere in the world. Many renowned celebrities, Hollywood personalities and other famous guys from the entertainment industries. You can find completely cool and chilly dancing floors with glittering bodies.

3. DRAI’S: on the best hot spot in the las vegas. Which is situated in the basement of the Barbary Coast Hotel & Casino is very famous in local celebrities and people. You can find the completely sensational friendly alluring environment with beautiful and attractive people. Here can be listened the latest music of world by DJ and overstuffed couches.

4. COYOTE UGLY: This is special kind to night life which is intensely encouraged colleges girls and woman to dance with bartenders and pouring wine each other amusingly way. This is one the high elite VIP club for female to come and enjoy their free time. Some of them are very talented so much that they use to train the bartender, dance and serve wine and whisky with classical and modern rock music.

5. XS Nightclub: one the finest and expensive night clubs in the las vegas which is siuated in the hallway which connects wynn tower to new encore tower. You can find the here very vibrating and glittering environment with enjoying upscale elite people. Here mostly people come from the high heels grounds and very encouraging and appealing moment for people to advance and dance on the elevated floors. The bartenders come sassy style and serve wine of glass to people and make the moment more enjoyable.

6. Pussy Cat Dolls Lounge: one the great spot for hanging and enjoying the drink with beautiful and gorgeous people. It is situated next of pure night club in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. You can find all sorts with the latest music of world all local and celebrities come to attend the night life performance.

7. Studio 54: a great place for people who love to enjoy the night life, wine and have intimacy with beautiful women. You will find the sassy ladies serving the wine and strippers for people. There are availability of all sorts of music old and modern of all world. People come here locals, famous celebrities and club goers. It has four dance floors, private lounge with equipped bars with exclusive seating and booths. So wonderful place for dancing and enjoy whole night away.

8. The Foundation Room:You are person of loving night life, wine , whisky and being with women then this is place for you. You can find all sorts of things like great wine, great service and the best and latest music for creating ambience and get along with enjoying moment throughout night.

9. The Bank: one the the best night club in the las vegas serving multi-music theme and from old one to the latest one like hip hop, rock and roll and classical nearly all sorts of. You can find well décor , now and then bubble in the air while performing dance and enjoying drink.

10. Tryst night: Great spot to enjoy nightlife, wine and music with decorated chocolate tunes ambience. Around you will find the well decorated finest made marble tables, great DJ old and latest music, and wide and extendable dance floor ……a lot more. Its services and staffs are very friendly and hospitable. So very alluring and inviting place for night life.

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