Monday, April 2, 2012

Rite Aid...deadly instructions about alcohol on prescription! Pharmacist asleep-at-the-wheel?

Normally, after I pick up a prescription at the local pharmacy, I pocket the bottle of pills and toss the paperwork in the trash.

After all, I am usually familiar with the medicines I have taken over the years, and the potentially dangerous drug interactions that may occur.

Curiously, on Saturday - after I plucked up the package from the cashier (and gobbled down my tasty Rocky Road ice cream cone) - I happened to glance down at the label of the Doctor's prescription.


I couldn't believe my eyes!

On the print out the instructions were there as plain as day:


Take one tablet by mouth twice a day with alcohol

The pharmacist had made a potentially "deadly" error when filling out the order written by Dr. Jeffrey Tsai at Olympia Hospital in Los Angeles.

The opposite was true.

The drug in question should NEVER be taken with alcohol!

The pamphlet attached to the bottle specifically stated that fact, too.

Was the pharmacist asleep-at-the-wheel?

Or, did he have a problem deciphering the doctor's handwriting on the form?

Either way, I thought it prudent to post this "consumer alert", to ensure customers at Rite Aid double-check their prescriptions to prevent fatal accidents from occurring due to the negligence of their sloppy incompetent pharmacists!

News at 11!

(if I live that long!)

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