Monday, April 2, 2012

Metro...Los Angeles bus sign erected by brain-dead idiots! Duh!

Locals and tourists alike are often left frustrated - and standing at lonely bus stops on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Los Angeles for hours on end - because a sign for the #4 Metro bus is vague (to say the least).

For example, the odd-ball sign notes that Metro Transportation Service runs daily in the "Early AM" in the "Late PM".


How late is late?

And, likewise, how early is early?

The screwy sign triggered memories of the bizarre comments that former President - Bill Clinton - uttered up under oath when being investigated for impeachment proceedings.

In response to one official's pointed questions, slick willy slyly remarked:

"It depends on what "is" is."

Boy, the kid from Arkansas was sure backed into a corner, wasn't he?

Back to the issue at hand!

Whoever oversaw the creation of th sign in question - and gave the nod of approval to erect it - was obviously dealing with half-a-deck of cards.

The idot obviously had an IQ of about 2 in my estimation.

Brain dead, perhaps?

I trust that in the future the Metro Line will endeavour to install bus shelters that include signs that are capable of enlightening the teaming masses - not confounding 'em - eh?

What the heck does this sign mean?

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