Saturday, April 14, 2012

Los Angeles Times Festival of Books...Betty White & Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to attend book-signings!

With a lot of fanfare the Los Angeles Times sponsored - "Festival of Books" - hits the USC campus this next week.

The organizers are boasting that the much-anticipated salute to the "written word"  will have something for everyone.

The annual book signing event - which has lured the likes of perky Betty White, beaming Judy Blume, squeaky-clean Julie Andrews, sports figure Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and blood-thirsty Ann Rice this year - is bound to be a highlight as usual.

Meanwhile, fledgling writers - pining for a stab on a beat at the "Daily Planet" - are probably hankering to attend the Los Angeles Times panel discussions headed-up by a posse of the newspaper's regular journalists such as Chris Erskine, Sandy Banks, and David L. Ulin.

By the way, when I was taking a tour of the historic Los Angeles Times building recently, Steve Lopez - on-hand to meet-and-greet visitors to the city landmark - let it slip that he will also be holding a discussion on the subject of "Dying with Dignity" at the thought-provoking event (a topic he explored in his own column when his own father suffered an illness that triggered sensitive questions on the issue).

Panel Passes may be purchased for $30.00 and include reservations for up to eight panel discussions (before they're made available to the public), an Official 2012 Festival of Books poster (with artwork designed by prominent illustrator Bob Staake), and half-price tickets to the 32nd Annual Los Angeles Times Book Prizes ceremony.

The awards event is slated for April 20th - at which time - the organizers will reveal who won the coveted prize.

Will it be Chad Harbach, Daniel Kahneman, or Sylvia Nasar?

Festival of Books attendees are advised to pick up a copy of the Los Angeles Times on April 15th to secure a copy of the program guide to ensure the adventure they don't miss any of the exciting events scheduled throughout the weekend:

 April 21st - April 22nd

They're will be a lot to keep abreast of, too.

This year, over 300 vendors will be flogging their wares at spritely-colored booths dotting the USC landscape.

Amidst the "halls of learning" book-lovers will have the golden opportunity to pop by the Hero Complex filled with eye-catching collector comics, attend a musical or cultural performance live, participate in a cooking demonstration, meditate on a poetry reading, or catch a show at the Young Adult Stage.

A host of parents will obviously be dragging their kids off to Target Children's stage - or the Hoy Cultural Neighborhood - as well.

See 'ya there!


Tori Spelling to attend Festival of Books!

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