Saturday, April 7, 2012

Leonard Cohen...wacko Kelley Lynch on trial for threats! Demented woman harassed me!

At long last the pieces are falling into place and I am able to make sense of the mystery of Kelley Lynch (and her bizarre actions) which were puzzling me for months-on-end!

Last year - out-of-the-blue - I began to receive unsolicited pleas from Ms. Lynch (I use the term "Miss" very loosely) via e-mail requesting that I publish unflattering gossip about known Singer-Songwriter Leonard Cohen (a fellow Canuck) who she claimed to have had close associations with (personally and professionally).

Initially, I informed Ms. Lynch that it was not appropriate for me to comment (or intercede on her behalf) publicly in respect to her complex (complicated?) "relationship" with Mr. Cohen (especially in view of the fact the sordid squabble appeared to have been triggered by a love-affair turned sour and was obviously retaliatory in nature).

Today, my suspicions were confirmed when I happened across a feature in the Los Angeles Times, reporting on criminal charges that were brought against Lynch for allegedly threatening and harassing Mr. Cohen over the past couple of years.

The trial is currently underway on the West Coast in Los Angeles Superior Court.

The reporter noted for the record that Lynch - not only acted as Cohen's business manager for a short duration - but also slipped between-the-sheets at one point to pursue a more intimate relationship with the Canadian legend.

After Lynch was apparently rejected as his lover (and fired from a plum cushy post) - according to prosecutors - Lynch proceeded to threaten and harass Mr. Cohen at his e-mail address and by leaving nasty voice-mail messages on his answering machine at home.

On the witness stand yesterday, Mr. Cohen acknowledged that because of the endless ongoing threats, he constantly feared for his safety - and that of his family - as well.

In one voice mail message, she allegedly snarled:

"You need to be taken down and shot."

In another, she apparently hissed:

"You are a sick man...You are a thief...You area common thief."

In defense of his client, Los Angeles Public Defender Michael Kelly (no relation), argued that in this instant case before the court, the unfortunate harassment (and threat of bodily-harm) was all about "relationships and how relationships oftentimes get messy."

Clever argument, but not true in this shocking instance, by a long shot!

I know from whence I speak through personal experience!

For example, in spite of the fact I was initially kind to Ms. Lynch - shortly thereafter - she began to inundate my own e-mail box with dozens of wild communications daily for weeks on end!

In fact, my Yahoo account was so overwhelmed with her "bizarre rantings, that the peaceful flow of communications I once savored with friends and professional contacts in the industry - was seriously thrown into disarray.

A lot of my valuable time was also wasted daily deleting her constant barrage of alarming e-mails, too.

In view of my own unpleasant experience with Ms. Lynch, I don't blame Mr. Cohen for taking the legal action that he has pursued in the local courts.

Clearly, Ms. Lynch has deep-rooted psychological problems and needs professional help, after all.

She's a threat to herself, Cohen, and society - if 'ya ask me!

I trust that the court will render a decision that is just and fair to both parties, though, so that the whole tawdry tale may finally come to close for both their sakes (and that of others like myself who suffered collateral damage on the sidelines needlessly).

Stay posted for updates!


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