Saturday, April 7, 2012

Gloria Allred...doesn't know **** from hole in the ground! Miss Universe "Trump" argument off-point!

After a week long controversy raged on the broadcast airwaves (and across the Internet) over the "Miss Universe" fiasco (wherein a sex-change contestant was initially barred from competing in the annual glitzy event) Barbara Walters finally tossed a searing spotlight on the issues last night on the 20/20 News Magazine Show.

A few days ago, I put in my own "two cents" worth, when I published - what was undoubtedly - the quote of the day on the topic of "sex changes".

Post: 04/05/12

Since a large majority of TV viewers and Internet Users are familiar with the facts, I won't bore anyone by mining the old territory covered and offering it up in today's post.

However, I am inclined to point a finger at Gloria Allred, on the heels of the stupid remarks she uttered up on the Walter's segment - which were not only off-point, but, totally irrelevant.

For example, in the interview which aired last evening, Ms. Allred (the champion of women's rights?) huffed:

"Did we ask Donald Trump to show his genitalia or prove that he is a natural-born man," she hissed in so many words.


Mr. Trump is not a contestant, so it should be obvious to any fool with half a brain, that Allred's argument is ridiculous at best!

The Hollywood "darling" is losing it.

In fact, it's crystal clear to MOI, that she doesn't know her **** from a hole in the ground.

Don't like my opinion, Ms. Allred?

Then sue me, please!

I need the money.

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