Sunday, April 8, 2012

Gilbert Hotel...Hollywood's slum landlords violate tenant rights! Rentals bug-infested and uninhabitable!

If you are out-of-town, booking a Hotel room for Los Angeles - and unfamiliar with quality accommodations locally - avoid The Gilbert Hotel at 1550 Wilcox Avenue in downtown Hollywood like the plague!

The low weekly rate may be affordable - and enticing - but once a traveller checks in at the front desk - and they spy all the low-life riff-raff coming-and-going - he or she may be inclined to worry about their safety and well-being during the duration of the scary stay.

When a guest hands over the cash (management does not accept debit or credit cards) right off-the-bat the Hotel does not pass the smell test.

For example, once the guest has paid up, the desk clerk is reluctant to write out a receipt to account for the Hotel rental fees.

That should send up a red flag right away!

In fact, when a tourist or businessman - even a local - asks for proof of payment, they usually get a rude brush-off from rude off-putting employees.

"It's not necessary," the clerk huffs, as if the request were an insult.

"We keep track of the payment in our office records," they hiss.

A lot of good that does the traveller.

In a foreign city, away from home, how is a tourist going to prove that they paid up for a day, a week, or whatever!

Eventually, if the patron persists, the manager reluctantly issues a "flimsy" receipt on a slip of paper thinner and less-weightier than a piece of cheap toilet paper.

Even so, the document is highly suspect, nonetheless.

For instance, the Hotel staff do not break-down (or itemize) the fees that a guest coughed up.

The Gilbert neglects to list the particulars in respect to the actual cost of the room (nightly or weekly), the taxes assessed, or even the amount of cash that is put towards a key deposit.

Just maybe, this oversight is intentional, eh?

Just betcha, that the books are being juggled, and that hefty revenues (taxes, too) are being pocketted without even being declared to the local, State, or Federal Governments required by law.

The real nightmare begins, however, when the tired tourist turns the key in the Hotel room door and is confronted with the sleazy environs that they're paying through the nose for.

For example, the carpets are not only badly-soiled, but also smell of urine.

And, the windows are caked with at least an inch of filth, underscoring just how poorly the Hotel is being maintained.

Maid service?


One guest was shocked when they spied a nozzle for the shower taped to the wall.  

Imagine that! 

The maintenance crew also slapped a coat of paint over the base to cement the faulty piece of plumbing into place on the shower-room wall.

Talk about shoddy workmanship!

And, another upset guest let out a scream one night, when they threw open the door of the closet and a host of bugs scurried this way 'n that into the dark damp corners out-of-harm's way.

But, the biggest shock jolts the guest when they wake up freezing in the middle of the night

There is no heat on the premises, after all, even in the dead of winter!

Just try to complain to management!

When one guest delivered a notice to the front office noting that they weren't going to pay for a second week's rent until the "uninhabitable premises" were made liveable, they found themselves out on the street.


After a day of shopping, the individual returned to the Hotel, only to find their belongings have been packed away in a sheet and tossed in a storage room where they were held hostage by management.

"Pay up or get out," the manager snarled at the shocked traveller.

By law, a landlord is required to give legal notice of an eviction, for starters.

In this instant case, Mohammed Alam - the nasty uneducated manager who presides over the run-down "palace" of yesteryear - responded to the guest's protest with a wicked laugh.

"If you don't like it here at this Hotel, then leave."

Mr. Alam is under the mistaken impression that his role is to simply collect the cash - and that being a landlord does not require any legal responsibility - whatsoever.

Heck, he is either totally ignorant when it comes to the Landlord/Tenancy laws in the State of California, or has elected to willfully and wrongfully ignore them to avoid the aggravation of having to go through a legal eviction (which he would probably lose for failing to respect the rights of his guests or abide by applicable laws of the land).

By the way, this group of nefarious landlords at the Gilbert Hotel also own and operate the Mark Twain Hotel in the next block on the same street in Hollywood.


The despicable slum landlords thumb their noses at City Officials - and building inspectors - at that location, too.

The problem is that either no one has had the courage (or the money) to fight these highway robbers - or, just maybe - some pay-offs are being delivered under the table to government employees down at City Hall to look the other way.

If that's the case, an investigation should be conducted - and the guilty parties brought to justice to the full extent of the law - so that the less fortunate may be free of these sharks in these troubling economic times.

After all, difficult to find reasonable shelter from the "storm" as it is, without having to deal with heartless slum landlord a**holes such as these.


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