Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Emeli Sandé...British chanteuse hailed as the future of soul, pop & Rhythm & Blues!

The songbird is being hailed as the future of soul, pop, and R&B.

And, if you're not sure who I am referring to, take a bow Emeli Sandé!

Ms. Sandé is a standout artist from the U.K. who is causing quite a buzz in the industry.

And, MySpace - always keen on what's up-and-coming and ultra-cool in respect to recording artists - has jumped on the bandwagon (and singing her praises) for starters.

But, Emili can't boast being an overnight sensation.

In fact, the exotic-looking stage persona has certainly paid her dues.

Sandé began writing tracks for high-profile artists such as Professor Green, Cheryl Cole, Tinie Tempah, and Devlin.

But, the multi-talented gal from across the great pond, didn't first become known in the public eye until she was featured on rapper Chipmunk's third single "Diamond Rings".

First time out-of-the-gate, the recording effort rustled up her and Chipmunk a top 10 single on the UK Singles Chart.

It was all in a day's work to Emili.

"I was doing a show in London for 1Xtra and I met this guy called Naughty Boy. We got in the studio and we clicked work wise. We just started writing, not necessarily for me, we just thought ‘let's write a pop tune’ and experiment. And we wrote the Chipmunk track and I thought nothing of it. Naughty Boy sent it off to Chipmunk who really liked it and wrote his stuff around it."

According to Ms. Sandé, the key elements to a good song are "honesty" and "raw emotion".

"If I try to attempt to write something which is "too smart" the creative process will not work for me," she fessed up in so many words.

By being true to herself, well-deserved kudos have been coming her musical way.

For instance, on December 15th (2011), the charismatic chanteuse was named the "Brit Awards Critics' Choice" for the year 2012.

By the way, Sandé`s debut album is chock-full of her own original material and has been described by serious critics as having a "richly melodic, classically powerful, retro-futurist soul-pop songs."

The album peaked number 1 and 2 in the UK and Ireland and charted in over 10 European countries and Australia.

For the record?

Emili has acknowledged that musical greats - such as Nina Simone, Joni Mitchell and Lauryn Hill - have greatly influenced her roster of songs.

On the other hand, world peace and political issues are inclined to inspired her creativity, for sure.

Still waters run deep, eh?

Catch her next concert and find out what fans are raving about!

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