Monday, April 9, 2012

"Ross Dress for Less" cheaper than at Goodwill Stores!

A savvy fashion-conscious male here on the West Coast slipped in to a "Goodwill" store on Vine Street in Hollywood over the weekend, and did a double-take, when he caught sight of a price tag on a used tie hanging forlornly on the rack alongside a pile of rakish hats and scuffed leather boots and tired worn old shoes.

Imagine that!

The once-elegant cravat - with a hint of a soup stain here-and-there on its colorfully-pattered face - was apparently priced at a whopping $9.99.

Surely there must have been a mistake on the tag, so the stylish man-about-town was inclined to flag a down a clerk to get the skinny on the price tag in question.

"Excuse me, Ma'am," he started off politely (you get a lot more with honey than vinegar, after all).

"What is the actual cost of this tie," he innocently quizzed.

The frumpy gal - with the old-fashioned specs - casually snatched up the tie and glanced down at the tag for a second.

"$9.99," she blurted out, without blinking an eye.

The shopper was aghast!

Earlier that day, at "Ross Dress For Less", Pierre Cardin ties (brand spanking new) were flying off the shelves for the paltry sum of $7.99!

Who would have thought that "Ross Dress For Less" would be offering up better bargains daily than the Goodwill Industries?

Has greed settled in at the charity storefronts around the country, or have the employees simply lost touch with reality in these tough economic times?

News at 11!

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