Sunday, April 15, 2012

Brad & Angelina...engagement quote of the day (reported by Julian Ayrs)!


Once it was announced that hunky Brad Pitt had finally quaintly bended on hand-and-knee - and proposed to his hot-to-trot sexy Lady - the news streaked around the face-of-the-globe like a bolt of lighting.

Cupid had spread his all-emcompassing wings at long last!

In the aftermath?

For starters, there was an incredible free-for-all, as the intense media jockeyed for a "money shot" of the gargantuan love rock.

For fans?

Pure ecstasy!

I even felt a pang of romantic sentiment wash over moi - so, of course - I was inclined to jump into the fray all weepy-eyed, too

"Brad and Angelina just got engaged," I gushed to a young acquaintance, just moments after a news report confirmed that the delicious gossip was true.

At which point, the clueless young lady uttered up the quote of the day:

"I thought they were already married," she shot back, without a blush of embarrassment even rippling across her fresh innocent face.

You know what they say...

Ignorance is bliss!

And, how was your day, eh?

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