Thursday, March 22, 2012

Womenswear Spring 2012...versatile skirts surge fashion forward! It's style, that matters!

At the recent designer previews on runways at the Los Angeles Fashion Weekend, a smattering of bell-weather trends - among them, the normally-humble plain-Jane skirt - triggered a splash of enthusiasm here on the West Coast.

In fact, the "skirts" were so chock-full of innovations, that it was tough keeping track from my perch below the footlights at Sunset Gower Studios this past weekend.

There were a bevy of exciting eye-catching offerings which featured subtle pleats, whimsical flourishes, intricate lacy inlays, wrap-around designs, you name it.

Reedy shapes and flared minis ruled the evening, too.

Sports-inspired pieces - featuring actual racing stripes - were serious attention-getters as well.

Why is the skirt so popular this season?

Well, it's partly due to the economic landscape, just betcha.

A well-chosen - versatile - skirt can be teamed (mixed-and-matched) with a myriad of delicious pairings.

In sum, the wearer - bent on implanting their own signature style - may find the perennial staple gets more bang for the buck.

Just ask Kate Middleton, a fashion savvy - money-conscious Royal - who manages to tastefully stretch a few outfits this way 'n that so that they ultimately out-run a country-mile.

I dare say!

The little darlings are often teamed up with elegant pastel-colored blouses - feminine all-the-way - even high-waisted vests fashioned in faux fur on occasion (especially when there is a chill in the night air).

"Torn" waif-like "looks" will be popular, just betcha, for the scintillating gal capable of pulling the fashion parade off.

To spark up the outfits, clever fashionistas will plunk down hard cash and splurge on a pricey "eye-popping" accessory or two, to guarantee they'll stand out in the crowd alright.

After all - it's style, not the clothes - that make the woman!


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