Friday, March 16, 2012

"The Voice"...Julian Ayrs to audition! Stage jitters, folks???

Well, I ate a little crow this past week, and kow-towed to peer pressure.


I'm going to put my "music critic's" mouth where my money is and audition for NBC's hit talent show:

"The Voice"

I'm slated to warble on stage in Burbank at the end of the month, in fact.

A piece of cake?

Although, my rendition of "People" would put Barbra Streisand to shame (sorry, babs!) I'm still toying with audition pieces that may be right for a shot at the brass ring!

Of course, there are a couple of dilemmas to overcome.

For starters, locating a pop tune that best showcases my golden pipes in one fell swoop, may be a toughie!

But, I have narrowed down the selections to about five in number, God willing.

Is there a "fear factor" to consider?

Well, yes.

I worry that I'll bow out last-minute and come down with a severe case of the jitters.

That happened once years ago at the comedy club on Sunset Boulevard when I first sauntered into Tinseltown by the way.

On that starry night, I surmised that a few clever quips about being a "cut-up" in school, would surely hit the audiences' funny-bones "just right" and catapult me to fortune and untold fame.

But, just before the MC was about to call me to trot up on stage, I dashed out the back door with a look of sheer terror on my face.

This time around, I plan to hold my ground, though I've never been very good at auditions as a rule.

Did you know that James Dean was allegedly a lousy "cold reader", too?

It's helpful if the judges appear to be in your corner from the get-go - once the stage manager pushes 'ya out from behind the curtain - that's for sure.

Actors and singers often forget one truism during the ordeal.

Casting directors are generally "pulling for you" at the audition.

That's why they brought you in to perform.

At this juncture, I recall a former Oscar-winner's acceptance speech from many moons ago.

"You like me! You really like me!"

Let's hope it pans out that way for me on March 31st, eh?

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