Tuesday, March 6, 2012

TMZ...live! Unveils investigative reporting techniques for breaking news scandals! Scoop 101!

Last night, normally-shy Harvey Levin - with drinkie-pooh firmly clenched in tight fist - excitedly announced that TMZ is slated to launch a "LIVE" tabloid-style edition of the show from the bowels of the gossip-monger's stealth sound stages.

In an on-camera promo - thrown together in a slap-dap fashion at the dinner hour - the industry's top scandal-chaser (in overcrowded shark-infested waters) noted that the searing lens will focus on the investigative arm of the ratings-getter as it puts a titillating expose to "bed" each night.

Ever wonder how a "hot tip" becomes a sensational headline on the explosive pages of the TMZ web site?

Do the cub reporters in Harvey's "rec room" follow the ethical standards of journalism when they are in the throes of releasing a juicy exploitative scoop?

Or, are the kids (Irish, blond, fresh-faced, dumpy, nicely-racked) inclined to fib (embellish?) a tad to "sell" a tawdry tale to the common Joe around the country?

With that thought in mind, I have to wonder if Levin is worried about his rivals stealing the tricks of the his trade, in a bold-faced effort to take the wind out of his sails?

Can "inside sources" be bought?

Which begs the question.

When push comes to shove, will Levin's contacts remain loyal, and kow-tow to check-book journalism?

Enquiring minds will undoubtedly tune in on March 12th to find out.

News at 11!

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