Thursday, March 8, 2012

Smoke & Mirrors...LA's ultra-Hot A-List Nightspot! No social climbers, please!

The most under-the-radar ultra-exclusive watering hole to sip on a Tequila-and-creme de menthe Mockingbird (a house special concocted by Damian Windsor mixologist extraordinaire) and rub shoulders with the hot-to-trot "inner sanctum" of the elusive A-list circuit in LA LA LAND these days is undoubtedly "Smoke & Mirrors".

Locating the trendy - oh-so-cool - nightspot is one thing (it is artfully hidden away at the Standard Hotel in West Hollywood) but, slipping inside the lofty climbs is a tougher proposition (especially if your party of hapless hopefuls cruise up curbside at the rope after 10 p.m. on any given night of the week).

Those who are "connected", however, marvel at their up-close sightings of the likes of - Mickey Rourke, Harvey Weingstein, Kirsten Dunst, and Sean Penn - once they pass muster and maneuver their sleek bodes into part-ay mode at the long bar or atop any one of the chic black leather banquettes sprinkled about the sparsely-decorated interior.

Owners Paul Sevigny (noted DJ) and actor Armin Amiri (The Wrestler) exalt the credo that "less is more" obviously.

"The place was practically designed with Scotch tape," joked Amiri, while holding court one day with the local press.

"It's the people inside that matter, not the fu*king decoration," Sevigny huffed, in an afterthought.

I expect they intend to give it the old College try, eh?

A well-deserved toast to those rarefied stiffs who manage to nimbly maneuver their way into the sacred premises without noticing (or caring) that the Kings aren't wearing any clothes!

Only in Hollywood!

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