Monday, March 12, 2012

Perez Hilton...I have alot in common with MySpace "friend"! Where did 'ya get those blue peepers?

Today, I was pleasantly surprised when I popped open an e-mail communication from "MySpace" and caught sight of the following message tucked neatly inside:

"Perez Hilton wants to be your friend!"


The "Gods" of the Internet had descended on little old moi!

Right off the bat, I wondered aloud to myself, if becoming friends with Perez (I can refer to you by your first name now that we're "friends', can't I, Mr. Hilton?) might have a few special privileges worth pursuing.


Just maybe, a pact with Mr. Hilton, might guarantee a little "immunity" from any salacious (or juicy) gossip coming my way about me - do 'ya think?

Not that I have any skeletons in my closet to hide, folks!

Actually, Perez Hilton and I have quite a few "things" in common.

For starters, we're both celebrity news "enthusiasts" of the 1st degree (that's putting it politely!) who report on all the seemingly never-ending goings-on of naughty celebrities from our respective perches in Tinseltown each day.

Granted, Hilton - "the" Gossip Queen of all time - is vastly more successful than me.

But, to be fair, Perez had a head start because he started blogging a few years before I took a leap into the fascinating intrigues of the great world-wide-web .

Even still, some of the similarities in our style - well - they are uncanny.

For example, in one interview Perez fessed up that he used to park in front of a popular coffee shop, and "tap" into their WiFi Internet access for free.


I am guilty of that kind of tom-foolery, too.

A boy has to cut some corners now-and-then to make ends meet after all, folks.

And yes - just like Perez - I toil tirelessly throughout the day to get "it" just right in posts published endlessly on The Tattler (as I expect they do over at TMZ, too).

In fact, I am constantly making corrections and changes and updates - ad nauseam - throughout the day.


Hilton was inclined to note to one probing reporter at a major daily last year, that he often logged on several times a day, to update his web site at a feverish pitch (such a "perfectionist" is he).

News never sleeps, after all!

And, who wants to read old gossip, anyhoo?

When it comes to blogs, at times it appears that I am actually psychically linked to mine, believe it or not.

How 'bout you, Perez?

For instance, on more than one occasion after I've published a post - I'll be strolling down the street somewhere in town - when a tiny "voice" inside my little noggin starts nagging me about a potential slip-up at the blog site.

Sure enough, when I log back on, I discover that I inadvertently inputted an incorrect date or spelled an actor's name incorrectly, you name it!

Just recently, for example, I mistakenly mentioned "Jackie Collins", when I was actually referring to "Joan".


Do you suppose anyone noticed?

By the way, Perez and I nearly ran smack dab into each other one night at The oh-so-trendy Abbey in WeHo.

I was cruising through the bar when a posse of studs half-turned to gaze in my direction - at which point - I noticed that Mr. Hilton holding court with a Cheshire grin on his face!

I expect all the pretty young dudes present were wondering to themselves:

"Are two stars going to collide or will two ships just pass quietly in the night?"

As I sauntered by, I couldn't help but notice that Perez has been blessed with such beautiful blue peepers as he looked in my direction, lucky stiff!

Finally, it should be noted that both Perez and I have both mellowed "with age" a tad.

After all, who wants to unexpectedly get caught up in an ugly round of nasty fisticuffs, at the witching hour over a snipped of gossip that slipped out?

Both our writing styles have greatly improved (progressed?) as well (even if I do say so myself).

Who knows, maybe there is a great American Novel in at least one - or both - of us!

Stay posted, eh?

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