Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Natalie Cole...spied signing up for discount card @ Rite Aid! Beverly Hills celeb hot spot!

Was that really her?

Is sure looked like the glamorous songbird!

I was waiting patiently in line at Rite-Aid in Beverly Hills to pay for my ice cream, when the "mysterious-looking" customer next to me forewarned the perky cashier that the hair products she'd selected were on sale "two-for-one".

"Oh, I'll have to sign you up for our discount card, then," the outgoing clerk informed the stylishly-dressed woman, as she slid a spanking-new "wellness" card through the computer terminal.

"First name," she quizzed, without skipping a beat.

"Natalie," the gal softly whispered, almost under her breath.

"Last name?"

"Cole," she uttered up quietly.


Natalie Cole!

THE Natalie Cole, do 'ya suppose?

At this point, I tried to surreptitiously maneuver a sideways glance to firm up my suspicions.

Just last year, I attended Ms. Cole's book signing at a chi chi retail outlet in Beverly Hills, and was "this-close" to the daughter of the legendary crooner Nat King Cole.


Like the gal at the press party, the elgant woman was quite tall. Yes, the same height as Natlie Cole.

Slender, too, just like the celebrated star!

The ubiquitous sunglasses - hiding a lot of face - also sent a signal my way.

"I expect Ms. Cole would prefer to be left alone while she's shopping incognito in the neighborhood," I thought to myself, as I casually looked away to give her some space.

Once her
transaction was complete, and I stepped forward to pay up, I noticed that Ms. Cole (or was it my imagination?) appeared to be checking me out.

I suppose it's conceivable that she recognized me, too, after recalling that I attended her high-profile glitzy book event a few moons ago (and rustled up a lot of publicity for her memoir on the Internet as well).

Meanwhile, the two customers next on my left appeared to be bubbling over with excitement.

Imagine that, standing in line next to - not one, but two - celebrities.

Well, today is the day for the big lotto, so jackpots are probably expected (I guess).

By the way, last week Larry King was causing quite a buzz, when he showed up at an oh-so-trendy street cafe about two blocks up-the-way on Canon Drive.

Frankly, I was surprised when I caught sight of the man in person, at long last.

He is so uncharismatic that he literally fades into the crowd.

Except for his wild outrageous ties which generally scream out loudly, of course.

Stay posted for updates.

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