Thursday, March 22, 2012

Menswear Spring classy white linens! A hint of flesh at Dolce Gabbana!

I was casually strolling up Rodeo Drive this afternoon when I caught sight of an eye-catching window display of the latest collection of menswear for spring from Dolce Gabbana.


In the artfully-decorated open space, the staff simply draped the collection (based on a pristine-white palette) on wire hangers for passers-by to get a gander at from the trendy environs of the street outside.

If anything, the designer was probably dropping a hint.

The elegant linen suit jackets should be teamed with a handful of their knit pieces - such as an elegantly-designed slightly see-thru sweater (with traditional crew neck), loose-fitting shorts (featuring snazzy pockets with whimsical fashion flourishes), or just plain straight-legged dress slacks.

A classy "look", yes!

But, not a very practical one for the dude with a tendency to slop mustard or soup on his pricey designer tie over lunch!


Though the spring collection is high-maintenance, it sure is a knock-out way to go for the man-about-town who has the presence and underlying machismo to pull it off.

For those fellas who tend to shy away from dazzling white ensemble pieces (too pussy?) there are a few offerings in shades of charcoal and champagne that are easy to mix-and-match as well.

In a couple of instances, Dolce Cabana has rustled up "wrinkled" jackets and textured off-beat shirts, that may appeal to edgier rough-and-tumble male fashionistas anxious to be grounded on the mean streets (less peacock?).

In a nutshell, the collection is both outstanding and ready-to-wear.

But, I fess up.

I neglected to check price tags on the racks!

So, I'm in the dark as to whether the cool threads are affordable, or not.

What do they say?

If have to ask about the cost, you probably can't afford it, eh?

Just betcha, any stylish dude with a modicum of fashion sensibility, could whip up the look with  a handful of knock-offs purchased at Ross or elsewhere in the city, though.

There's nothing wrong with saving a buck or two in these tough economic times, after all.

So, go for it, dudes!

While you're at it, pluck up a shocking pink sweater or turquoise dress shirt - and a canary-yellow tie - to toss into the mix.

Heads will turn when you enter the room, alright!

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