Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mega fever! Lady Luck stingy with moi!

Well, as fate would have it, Mega Millions slipped through the fingers of anxious ticket-holders once again!

Now, the jackpot has zoomed up to approximately $290 million, give-or-take a nickel or two.

So, folks are dashing out to Hawthorne (CA) to queue up at a local smoke shop where the owners tend to cough up millions to their regular customers on a weekly basis.

Imagine that!

In last week's draw, when I scanned my own humble quick pick, I got all excited - jumped up-and-down - in fact.

After all, the lotto machine read:


But, once I stumbled on my specs - and haphazardly slipped 'em on my snoz - a wave of disappointment swept over me.

I won a lousy buck!

Gosh, Lady Luck was sure stingy with me, eh?

Did I at least savor my big windfall by treating myself to a scrumptious chocolate bar (a dollar doesn't go far these days, 'ya know) or a slice of nasty-tasting lukewarm pizza courtesy of 711?

Heck, no!

I plugged the moolah right back into the quick-pick machine pronto!

And, guess what?

This morning, local TV anchors announced that - although the lotto rolled-over once again - a handful of lucky folks won at least $56,000.00 each.


I haven't scanned my ticket, yet.

Wish me luck, eh?

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