Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The MACALLAN...Whiskey Distiller tosses chi-chi soiree @ Mystic Halls in downtown Los Angeles!

Obviously, big bad Los Angeles is coming of age!

Take last night, for instance.

The trendy twenty-forty-something-set trekked downtown into the mean streets of LA LA LAND to attend a chi-chi soiree tossed by THE MACALLUN DISTILLERS (of Scotland) where they commenced (after throwing caution to the wind) to hand over their precious car keys to  a host of snappy Valet parkers, sip on No. 10 Whiskey (courtesy of the House), and chat up tony upscale guests (as well as a colorful assortment of movers-and-shakers on the fringes of the burgeoning local scene).

The dudes were mostly outfitted in dark tasteful suits, sweater-vest ensembles, and the like.

Elegant, for the most part.

The gals opted for a bit of style and panache in outfits (pretty cocktail dresses were teamed with pricey high-heels and eye-catching accessories, for instance) that complemented the look of the male peacocks in the room.

Meanwhile, gracious servers also wafted about the spacious "Majestic Halls" ( and offered up delicious mouth-watering finger foods such as bacon-wrapped steak, whimsically-designed salmon appetizers, and turkey sliders.


A Facebook presentation had also been set up at one end of the main room so that the guests - all in quite a celebratory mood, I might add - could queue up in line, take a photo, and post it on The MACALLUN page a nano-second or two later.

In addition to the meet & greet, the MACALLUN folks treated all in attendance to a mind-swillling "whiskey-tasting" session in a sit-down set-up in a chic backroom on the premises.

The handsome male host (attired in plaid slacks, navy blazer, teamed with a no-frills open-collared shirt) - who identified himself as the US Ambassador to MACALLUN Distillers - offered up a bit of history on the whiskey manufacturers who are based in Scotland, cracked jokes, and led the enthusiastic guests through the whiskey sniffs (3 in total).

I downed all of mine in seconds flat!

MACALLAN is one of the world's most awarded and admired single malts, after all.

Recently named "Best Malt in the World", the whiskey is found in the finest hotels, bars, and restaurants around the globe from New York to Singapore!

The MACALLUN Sherry Oak expressions are matured exclusively in hand-selected European oak casks from Jerez, Spain, that previously held sherry.

The MACALLUN built its reputation on its Sherry Oak expressions and its unwavering dedication to selecting the finest sherry wooden casks for holding the newly made spirit as it slumbered in preparation to become the world's finest single Malt (according to its makers).

The MACALLUN Sherry Oak expressions enjoy the distillery's characteristic smoothness, complimented by a old and robust spiciness.

With notes of cinnamon, dried fruit, and dark chocolate, it is the classic expression of the world's finest distillery.

After sampling a taste, I wonder now why I wasted so much time on brewskies and cheap wines when I was a younger man!

I'm a convert now, after last night, I believe me!

Lalique decanter auctioned for $460,000 last year!

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