Monday, March 19, 2012

Los Angeles Fashion Weekend...KTLA sponsored finale a smash hit! Designer Tal Sheyn wows fashionistas!

Tal Sheyn designs
(pictured above and below)

At the finale of the Los Angles Fashion Weekend last night the atmosphere was electrically-charged as A-list fashionistas, pushy media types, industry-insiders, and a smattering of celebrities (from "Housewives of Orange County" "Fashion Stare" & "Gossip Girl") swarmed into the festive packed tents at the high-profile event.

At times, the mere notion of navigating the spacious room was an adventurous proposition.

For instance, at the open bar - courtesy of "Little Black Dress" Vodka - well-heeled movers-and-shakers queued up several feet deep to snatch up exotic cocktails as they chatted each other up and nibbled on scrumptious finger foods (the gourmet burritos were yummy and mouth-watering, by the way).

Meanwhile, a crush of social-climbers stormed the red carpet as the power-elite drifted fashionably late once the much-anticipated event was in full swing (anxious to be schmooze - "see" - and be "seen" undoubtedly).

At one point, I spied KTLA's TV anchor - David Begnaud - scouting the terrain with his cameraman in tow.

If you recall, I reported over the weekend that KTLA was broadcasting the closing night's festivities on Sunday night (March 18th).

A few of the suits from KTLA were also on hand to keep an eye on their precious annually-sponsored event.

No wonder!

Last year, the televised broadcast of the eclectic runway shows rustled up 1.5 million viewers!

On the sidelines, vendors involved in the rag trade, also set up shop.

Make-up artists for "Napolean" cosmetics offered up facial touch-ups and mini make-overs for the takers polite enough to wait patiently in line.

Probably one of the most celebrated guests in the house was Tal Sheyn - a designer for Alexis ("Housewives for Orange County") who was overwhelmed by well-wishers and dotting paparazzi anxious to snap up a publicity still or two for posterity (and nab a "money" shot in the process, perhaps?).

The petite beauty turned heads everywhere she strode in a full-length body-fitting cocktail gown featuring an exquisitely-embroidered lace design intertwined with sparkling semi-precious stone inserts that cast a thousand rainbows here-and-there whenever they caught the light.

Her collection - which kicked-off the dazzling runway shows - was well-received, too.

According to Ms. Sheyn, the creations were crafted with a lot of love and passion over the past year in her studio in town.

And, rustled up with a smattering of sex appeal in mind, no doubt.

The offerings were chic, ultra-feminine, sensual to the max, and - at times - downright exotic in feel.

For the confident liberated women - anxious to exalt her scintillating prowess - the ensembles are perfect for a multitude of social and romantic occasions.

In contrast, I found the designs by Lizzie Parker to be old hat.

The words "cluttered" and "fussy" sprang to mind when the models strode by in front of me on the runway, in fact.

The "Gossip Girl" offerings were applauded appreciatively, though.

However, I found the cheapie fabrics (which puckered awkwardly and draped and drooped sadly now-and-then through the high-energy show) and a few of the fashion flourishes a bit tacky-looking (overdressed?) at times.

Undoubtedly, the affordable pieces (which mix-and-match easily for the novice) will be snatched up by evening-night soaper fans, though.

Later, whent the show wound down, guests dashed up to the Sky Bar at the Mondrian Hotel to catch the upbeat frenetic after-party (where I spotted show producer Mikey Koffman, the three designers featured on the runways last evening, and the KTLA news team toasting each other happily with expensive bubbly).

After all, there was a lot to celebrate.

The fashion extravaganza was a smash hit with the locals, for sure!

One fashion editor (who crouched alongside me in the front row on the edge of the runway) lamented the fact that snooty New York (European editors, too) failed to report on (or attend) the West Coast fashion style presentations.

"They don't even bother with the Los Angeles scene," she moaned, in so many words.

"We're going to change all that," I chirped, as I leaned forward with writer's pen in hand to scrutizine the collections as they were unveiled.


In my estimation, LA LA LAND has come a long way, baby!

'Til next year, eh?

Lizzie Parker design
(pictured above)

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