Saturday, March 17, 2012

Los Angeles Fashion Weekend...Fashionistas pack dazzling runway shows! Betsey Johnson steals limelight at KTLA sponsored event!

As expected, LA LA LAND'S elite A-list party-crashers turned out in full force last night for the electrically-charged kick-off of the annual Los Angeles Fashion Weekend at Sunset Gower Studios sponsored - in part - by KTLA.

In fact, show producer Mikey Koffman - who was quite the fashion plate herself (sporting a spikey "do", ultra-cool shades, and chic black ensemble) - was temporarily faced with a dilemma at the top of the show when Fire Marshals stepped in to ensure that the exits were free-and-clear at the standing-room-only event.

Meanwhile, the frantic paparazzi jockeyed for position in the gallery at the end of the runway, anxious to "shoot" the night's glitzy festivities.

And, there was a lot to capture on film, folks!

The guests, who swarmed in from all corners of the bustling Metropolis, provided an avalanche of local color!

I scrambled to soak it all up!

For the most part, the ladies took the precious opportunity to show-off their own signature style at the high-profile event (I spied chic dinner jackets cut-short at the waist in eye-catching metal fabrics, elegant cocktail dresses in bright pastel colors, floor-length designer gowns that turned heads, and a smattering of exquisite hats sparked up with tasteful bows, lacy frills, and other whimsical fashion flourishes) where an eclectic mix of celebrities, fashion designers, and Hollywood wannabees rubbed shoulders as they sipped on exotic cocktails and chatted each other up.

The buzz in the main tent was so loud at one point that it was deafening.

At that juncture, I just sat back - took in the terrain - and marvelled at the passing parade.

In one corner, the local press traversed the red carpet, where they excitedly conducted in-depth interviews with the obvious "stars" of the evening festivities - namely - the three designers featured on the runway last evening (Betsey Johnson, effervescent Jelena Vujanovic for Vilorija, and Dina Bar-el).

"Marina"  - a celebrity Fashion Stylist - garnered a lot of attention with a delicious designer hat that was obviously a nod to the Duchess Kate Middleton.

The "Royals" would pay a King's ransom for that one, just betcha!

The gracious young lady got a lot of mileage out of her creation, too.

For example, every few minutes or so, appreciative fashionistas strolled up and asked her to pose for their cameras ever-ready.

On occasion, meeting up with a few individuals involved with the actual show proved to be quite informative, too.

One model - Elle Drane - was able to provide a bit of backstage scuttlebutt that answered a question-or-two about the runway presentations that puzzled me.

For example, apparently a couple of the models who glided down the runway in ill-fitting shoes - did so - because the stylists pulled a switcheroo on footwear last-minute before the curtain went up on the Fashion Weekend Event.

The minor styling glitch was of little consequence, though.

From where I sat at my perch front-row center, the runway shows were dazzling, that's for sure.

Betsey Johnson - who was billed as a "Rock Star Couture Designer" by the organizers - literally stole the event with her latest collection.

Johnson is best known for her wild fashion sense and funky fusion of fabrics and styles. 

And, last evening, she did not disappoint in that respect.

In a nutshell, her designer gems were all glam - and Hollywood-style - all the way!

The crowd was literally wowed!

Dina Bar-el also made quite a splash with all in attendance.

At the top of the runway show (when one long-flowing gown crafted in lustrous gold was unveiled) all the fashionistas in the room (the paparazzi, too) whooped and hollered up a storm - at which point - the gorgeous model was forced to stop and catch her breath (so overwhelming was the spontaneous outburst).

Unfortunately, Vilorija - by one celebrated designer (Jelena Vujanovic) - disappointed a tad.

Frankly, I thought that her eye-catching outfits - which at times featured odd-ball stitching and strange fabric in-lays - didn't make stylish sense at all (and, subsequently, tended to be a bit too fussy for my fashion sensibilities).

A minimalist approach to her work might alleviate the problem in the future.

One of her better creations is pictured below that I whole-heartedly give the nod to.

By the way, attendees were thrilled with their nifty "gift bags", too (which included pricey lip gloss, miniature bottles of Betsey Johnson Eau De Parfum, tasty think thin nutrition bars, Liquid "shampoo" and "hair conditioner" samples, a "bling" purse, a copy of the newly-minted LA FASHION MAGAZINE, and an assortment of coupons for discounts at local retailers).

And, the after-party - at the ever-popular Sky Bar (at the Mondrian Hotel on Sunset) - was quite the blast, as well!

The "open bar" nurtured the schmoozing along considerably, I dare say!

When I finally slipped out the front door in the wee hours of the morning, I was ready to tuck in.

A good time was had by all!

Tonight, I expect the locals will be all geared up to party-hearty once again at night two of the ongoing fashion extravaganza this weekend.

See 'ya there!

Dina Bar-el design (above)

Vilorija by Jelena Vujanovic (above)

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