Sunday, March 18, 2012

Los Angeles Fashion Weekend...child models dazzle normally-jaded fashionistas! KTLA to broadcast finale tonight!

They strutted down the runway with a confident air about 'em which was really quite engaging.

And, then, adeptly (without faltering for one nano-second-or-two) posed for a gaggle of frenzied photographers in the gallery below the floodlights - before turning on their heel - and gliding back down the stage out-of-sight behind the stage curtain.

Surprisingly, the young ladies garnering all the attention on the runway at Los Angeles Fashion Weekend last night were not million-dollar top models (who often grace the front pages of Vogue or Elle) - but, rather - a half-a-dozen-or-so child models plucked up by designer Lillian Jones at laha (the glamorousgirl) fashion house to show off her spring collection.


The wee fashionistas - in their eye-popping assortment of dazzling mix-and-match ensembles (such as delightful bubble dresses, one-of-a-kind plush fur vests featuring soft marbled patterns, and cute black leather jackets teamed with sparkly silver slacks and eye-popping runners in bright red and shocking pink) wowed the normally-jaded elite who ended up applauding and cheering so loudly that they nearly brought the house down.

Another highlight of the runway unfolded a short while later when the only male model in the Skineez Skincarewear fashion presentation (at Sunet Gower studios) strode out in a pair of chic black designer underwear (bulging at the crotch) which was enticingly matched up with a skimpy skintight tank top.

When he tossed of his "t" to reveal absolutely stunning washboard abs, perfect pecs, and two gorgeous guns, the audience went wild!
Boy, did they whoop and holler!

I expect a few of the ladies got a little wet in the panties, too.

David Beckham eat your heart out.

SKINEEZ Skincarewear garments are a whole new ballgame when it comes to women's apparel which provide support and contouring for the body.

The clothing features patented technology called "Skintex" which weaves the garments with tiny microcapsules that moisturize and smooth the skin as the body "sheaths" are worn.

Revolutionary, eh?

Meanwhile, AshleeBrooks unveiled a collection of women's evening-wear that called attention to her unique signature style.

Ashlee Brooks is a Dallas-based brand founded in 2009 designed by Ms. Brooks.

This spectacular offerings bespoke individuality, confidence and style last night on the busy runway.

According to the designer, the mission of the brand is to create innovative, high quality, effortless fashion that encompasses all facets of a woman's life.

The talented artist boasts many accomplishments including being a finalist on the current Nationally-televised fashion-based reality show "Fashion Star" (which premiered on NBC this past week) and a runner-up in the Texas "Next Top Designer" competition.

I expect that after last night's eye-popping fashion spectacle her star will soon be on the rise in the International Fashion scene in the near future.


By the way, last night the attendees at the Los Angeles Fashion Weekend were a lot more diverse in nature, than the opening night (Friday).

If anything, the fashion-conscious locals who turned out for the second night of the wowing runway shows, best represented the true cultural strata of Los Angeles.

The ecstatic guests who swarmed in non-stop provided quite the fashion show, too!

One local male celebrity turned out in a two-piece shocking pink tailored suit which he teamed with a torquoise open-collared shirt.

Needless to say, he nabbed quite a bit of attention with the locals present (and particularly the media on hand).

Of course, there was no one classier-looking in the room than the good-looking African-American male, who tripped-the-light-fantastic in a well-crafted (expensive) white linen suit.


Actually, the event was packed chock-full of well-heeled fashionistas, I dare say.

For people-watchers, it was an entertaining eyeful to soak up!

Tonight, KTLA will be broadcasting the Sunday Night edition of the Los Angeles runway shows on Channel 5 (which will be hosted by handsome TV personality David Begnaud).

The broadcast will obviously focus on celebrity guests from the "Gossip Girl" and the TV reality-show "Fashion Star" who are slated to participate in the closing night finale.

I'll be reporting on the much-anticipated event tomorrow from my perch at the Tattler.

'Til then, stay posted, eh?

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