Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lindsay Lohan...tacky pantsuit drab & unglamorous! Film biopic of Liz Taylor on horizon!

Though Lindsay Lohan curried favor with the Judge presiding over her probation hearing this past week, fashionistas around the country were inclined to pooh-pooh her fashion sensibilities on the momentous occasion, when she ran the gauntlet at the downtown courthouse as frenzied paparazzi nipped at her tired old heels anxious to capture a "money" shot once again.

The self-destructive starlet - who normally draws as much attention to her signature style as her bad girl persona - ended up in the hot seat a drab mirror-image of a once-glam Lindsay Lohan prone to partake in a lot of  boozing-and-brawling at the witching hour in Hollywood on lonely solitary nights.

Even her "do" was a wash-out folks!

And, what (pray tell) inspired the otherwise pretty damsel in distress, to don that God-awful two-piece pantsuit disaster (in that positively pukey hue)?


The forlorn fabric puckered-and-pulled in all the wrong places, too, dahlinks!

An unfashionable mess, I dare say.

In a nutshell?

Ms. Lohan appeared to be auditioning for the frumpy role of a grade-school spinister guilty of committing a fashion faux pas in dress-making class.

Her celebrated day in court was not without a bit of nail-biting, either, just betcha.

After all, speculation was running rampant, that Lohan might end up back in the slammer on the heels of an alleged hit-and-run fender-bender in a nightclub parking lot in Tinseltown after hours.

Fortunately, the troubled movie star escaped the Judge's wrath, go figure.

Notwithstanding, there still is the issue of  the "informal probation" in respect to the alleged stolen necklace fiasco.

Will Lohan steer clear of the long arm of the law, and end up hearing the director yell "action, when the cameras start to roll on a biopic she's supposed-to star in on legendary film beauty Elizabeth Taylor?

News at 11!

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