Sunday, March 25, 2012

The LA Fashion Magazine...launches & fills a void! Goes "green" on Apple NewsStand!

Die-hard fashionistas - and hard-nosed magazine editors back east - have continually pooh-poohed the notion that the Los Angeles's fashion scene is worth bothering about (let alone mentioning on their society pages).

But, from where I sit atop my perch, the influence of the West Coast "power-players" is difficult to ignore.

For example, it has not escaped my attention in recent days, that the Hollywood film and Music industries - and the high-profile performers who toil under their celebrated banners in town - directly influence (and impact) bell-weather trends each season in California (and likewise, around the face of the globe, if only because of the red carpet premiers that spotlight the designers featured).

With that in mind, at least one gutsy fashion editor - by the name of Csaba Fikker - has risen to the occasion to meet the demand.


The visionary upstart and her funders have launched a spanking-new publication that focuses on the rag trade in LA LA LAND and the sunny West Coast.

The LA Fashion Magazine - which was first-introduced at the Los Angeles Fashion Weekend a scant week-or-so ago in Hollywood - was well-received, too.

According to Ms. Fikker, the welcome offering has been a long time coming.

"I have been sitting on the idea of launching a fashion publication for close to a decade. It never made much sense to me that Los Angeles is on the sidelines when it comes to the fashion world. Literally, we have everything right here, from the very high end Haute Couture to the trendy subcultures. It's movie stars and rock stars who sell most brands nowadays, and most live here in Los Angeles."

The "Premier" edition focused on a smattering of Spring/Summer 2012  runway-show collections that were unveiled in October at the Los Angeles Fashion Weekend (featuring Betsey Johnson, Antony Franco, Sue Wong, and Karen Capili).

In upcoming issues, I expect the articles will be far-reaching.

By the way, the magazine vows to go "green" all-the-way.

The editor has noted that the magazine will accomplish this goal by printing a limited number of high quality print issues with the main focus being on digital delivery.

The May issue, for example, will be available on Apple NewsStand - and thus - reach of millions of readers around the world with a flick of a finger-or-two on a keyboard.

Who knows?

Maybe, then, snooty fashionistas on the International scene will sit up and take notice of once down-on-their-heels scrappy Los Angelinos, eh?

Stay posted for updates.

Fashion Star "Betsey Johnson" featured at LA runway shows!

Designs by Anthony Franco

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