Monday, March 26, 2012

Kathy Hilton...unveils ultra-feminine spring Collection! A wind-up "doll" in publicity still!

Socialite - Kathy Hilton - introduced her 2012 Spring/Summer line between-the-sheets of the latest edition of the Beverly Hills Courier this past week on the West Coast.

For starters, Mrs. Hilton has always struck me as a very classy woman - and that defining quality - is reflected wholeheartedly in the spread on display.

In a nutshell, the show-stoppers are ultra-feminine!

With her eye on mainstream buyers across the country, the elegant celebrity fashionista has managed to fathom up a smattering of outfits that she appropriately refers to as:

"Cocktail & evening attire at affordable prices"

But, there is nothing cheap-looking about the ensembles, whatsoever!

The International jet-setter has managed to successfully toss a soft glamorous spotlight on a handful of delicious fabrics - silk charmeuse, chiffon, lace, tulle and taffeta -and in the process turn out a rack of offerings with obvious timeless appeal.

Romantic, too.

In fact, the Hilton "House" has risen to the occasion well.

Unfortunately, the publicity still that ran with the fashion pictorial left a lot to be desired.

The photographer was inclined to prop "Kathy" (a stunning-looking woman with flawless skin and impeccable signature style) on a couch like a stiff wind-up doll.

If a guest at her house was to breath on her that day, undoubtedly, she would have fallen over and broke into a million porcelain pieces on the floor below.

Paris could have taken a better - more flattering picture - with her personal cell phone.

Just betcha!

Lighten up, Mrs. Hilton.

Your carefree down-to-earth manner (not the one to the Manor born) has more widespread appeal across the county and abroad.

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