Saturday, March 17, 2012

Karen designer at Los Angeles Fashion Weekend! Inspirations from Victorian era!

One of the highlights for me at the Los Angeles Fashion Weekend unfolded when I spontaneously plunked myself down in the front row at the runway tent and innocently chatted up a charming young lady and her attentive husband.

In passing, the tastefully-dressed Filipino designer - who appeared to be a tad shy and prone to carefully choose her words - casually mentioned that a handful of her gowns had been featured previously at annual LA Fashion Weekend events, but I was so busy soaking up the atmosphere that evening - and playing catch-up on all the distracting goings-on - that I didn't pay much mind.

Later, at the Sky Bar after-party, Ms. Capili and I crossed paths once again - at which point - she fessed up.

"I was a little hesitant about opening up and talking to you earlier at the fashion show because you're a writer. After all, my grammar is so bad," she apologized profusely, as fashionistas partied-hearty all-around us and danced up a storm on the crowded frenetic dance floor.

"My husband is always correcting me," she giggled nervously, as she sipped on one of the exotic cocktails flowing freely from the open bar.

Shortly after that brief conversation, I was leafing through the newly-minted local LA FASHION MAGAZINE handed out at the event on Friday night, and happened across a handful of her creations in print.


I was completely taken by Ms. Capili's far-reaching talent!

What she lacked in English "skills", Capili surely makes up for with her creativity and vision, that's for sure.

I found her elegant gowns to be uncluttered (unlike a few of the lesser-talented designers in the show this past week), elegant, sophisticated, exhuberant, terribly feminine, and downright fresh in appeal!

Her collection is -at times - inspired by the Victorian era (by her own admission).

And, her stock in trade, is the bubble mini.

But, she is also known for lavish gowns that highlight intricate embroidery, and party frocks that are enhanced with exquisitely delicate flowers, frothy frivolous feathers, eye-catching sparkling sequins, you name it.

Her bold palette dabbles in brilliant reds, warm yellows, and pinks that scream out for attention.

A star on-the-rise in the International fashion scene, you betcha!

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