Friday, March 9, 2012

Julian Ayrs...Art Exhibition on the horizon!

Tattler readers may recall that I began my career as an artist - an abstract-expressionist painter - in fact.

My paintings were first exhibited in a group show at the Galerie Allen in Gastown, Vancouver (B.C.) way back in 1972!

Later, one-man exhibitions followed at the Contemporary Royale Gallery (which was once-situated on Granville Street in downtown Vancouver and owned by high-flying business entrepreneur Nelson Skalbania) and at Open Space (Victoria).

In the fledgling stages of my artistic pursuits, I was also commissioned by the City of Vancouver to create a set of street kiosks to enliven the downtown core.

The beautiful West Coast City also owns four of my original paintings.

They're hanging in hallowed halls somewhere!

My work is also in many private collections around the country.

Pieces that were purchased for a paltry $300 a scant few years ago are conceivably worth about $2,000.00 today.

Yes, investment in art is a great hedge against inflation.

A bit of publicity doesn't hurt, either.

Career profiles that appeared in local dailies such as the Vancouver Sun, boosted sales for the Contemporary Royale Gallery show, for sure.

An online interview - which focuses on my involvement with the "Arts" in depth and my thoughts on the subject - may be perused at:

Over the years, I left painting to pursue other interests - acting in Hollywood - for instance.

Occasionally, you may catch sight of me in on old re-run or two on late-night TV.

I may appear a bit younger, however!

For a brief time, I was involved in casting, and later became a Literary Agent.

But, perhaps I am best-known for my blog, The Tattler!

At this site, I pen movie reviews, report on celebrities, and what-have-you.

But, guess what?

Over the past few months while residing in San Francisco, a sudden surge in creative energy inspired a new series of paintings, which I am now preparing to exhibit.

The dilemma?

Finding the right gallery space to show off the paintings!

Perhaps some of my readers have a venue in mind?

If so, do tell, please!


Julian Ayrs


Snail Mail
1976 South La Cienega Blvd
Suite No. 171
Los Angeles, CA

Hope to hear from 'ya!

Meanwhile, I'm keeping my eye out, too!

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