Tuesday, March 20, 2012

James Franco...intrigued by Pornography! A "Dirk Diggler" ready to bust out?

For a dude who purports to be "straight", actor James Franco is pretty clued in to where all the hot 'n heavy "gay" action is going down on the West Coast.

In fact, the other night - when the talented hunk plunked himself down on the couch to chat up Conan on the upbeat talk show - it was evident from the get-go that "still waters" run deep in respect to Frankie boy, that's for sure.

For example, when Conan quizzed the star about his alleged penchant (propensity) for trying his hand at anything, Franco acknowledged a keen interest in pornography.

Once probed (!) further, he fessed up that he just filmed a documentary on the intriguing subject, at one of the leading porn film studios in San Francisco.

I expect that - as it is with his chosen profession acting - the budding director was inclined to not only downplay his skills at foreplay - but, also - his expert prowess between the sheets.

"My girlfriend and I filmed ourselves making out. But, it didn't turn out well," he chuckled, in so many words, as the audience leaned forward in their seats excitedly below the footlights.

"When we viewed the video later, it hadn't it was bad," he dead-panned.

Conan was all ears!

Was that a rise between his levis, I spied, too?

Just betcha porn producers are scouring Hollywood for a copy of that scintillating love-making session with the ultimate aim of getting a gander at Franco pumping away non-stop in a moment of passion.

"I'd never make it even as an amateur porn star," he assured all within earshot.

"The actors in professional pornos are great performers 'cause they know how to sell it (milk it?) to the audience," he quipped, no two bones about it.

"It's kinda like my gramma (!). She's great at expressing her feelings, but, that doesn't mean she can act."


If 'ya read between the lines, the sexy heartthrob appears to be hinting - that while he's quite sexual and is turned on by graphic sexual acts - he's not capable of being an exhibitionist.

Maybe the kid just needs an experienced "older" gay porno star to show him the - um - ropes!

Just betcha, Franco is a roaring "hard on" in the act, a real "Dirk Diggler" in the rough (just waiting to be fleshed out).

News at 11!

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