Saturday, March 24, 2012

Jack-in-the-Box...rude cashier begrudges gent Senior Coffee discount! Changing Latino attitudes in U.S.!

There was a time when Latinos were grateful to land a menial-task job in the United States.

Now-a-days, though, quite a few immigrant workers not only have a bad attitude - but - are often inclined to push white folks around at fast-food take-outs and the local pharmacy when they step up for service at the counter.

For example, when an elderly gent ordered up a breakfast Jack and senior coffee one morning at the Jack-in-the-Box fast-food outlet at Cahuenga and Sunset, he noticed he was overcharged.

"Heh, I ordered a Senior coffee," he excitedly pointed out to the cashier, who reacted by wrinkling up her nose at him, before retorting back with an exasperated look on her face.

"Everyone wants a Senior coffee," she scoffed, as other guests gazed on from the sidelines startled by her rude insulting behaviour.

"I'm a Senior. I am entitled to the discount," he shot back, a bit miffed by her mean-spirited attitude.

Reluctantly, the sloppily-dressed cashier corrected the bill, and strode off to whisper her annoyance (in Spanish, mind you) to a fellow worker a few steps away.

Coincidentally, the customer received an invitation on his receipt to participate in a survey about the service at that location.

Just betcha, he gave them his piece of mind, eh?

By the way, on the heels of a recent poll, it was reported that there are fewer Latino workers pursuing gainful employment in outlying areas of the United States just now.

As expected, though, the numbers have risen a notch or two in big cities like Los Angeles and New York.

It has been theorized that Mexican workers are moving back to large metropolitan cities to secure-work - or staying put at home in Mexico - until the troubled economy surges forward once again.

The recent rise in Asian immigrants to this country may have also impacted the situation.

News at 11!

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