Monday, March 26, 2012

Hoodies...garment with sinister intent? President Obama's experiment in mean streets!

In the aftermath of the outrageous "murder" of a black youth - Trayvon Martin (by a trigger-happy racist security guard for no justifiable reason) - there was cause to reflect on the tragedy lately.

On many occasion during the biting-cold winter months - in San Francisco and here in Los Angeles, too - I have often removed a "hoodie" from my head when I spotted a squad car slowly cruise by or spied a security guard at a perch on the street eyeing me up-and-down.


In recent years, it's been painfully obvious to many (including myself as aforementioned) that Officers in Law Enforcement are often under the misguided impression that a "hoodie" is a sinister garment only tossed on by criminals with the specific intent of hiding or obscuring their faces while out on a night prowl for victims to mug, rape, or even murder.

In spite of the fact that I am white, I am still not inclined to tempt "fate" - least of all incite a racist rogue cop to take wrongful action - while under the color of so-called authority when he thinks no one is observing.

This past week, the President was so outraged by the death, that he stepped up to the podium to express his heartfelt thoughts on the issue.

"He could have been my son," Obama uttered up - at which point - the timely message struck home.

At that juncture, a thought crossed my own mind, too.

Why doesn't the President take a stroll in the mean streets of Washington (D.C.) one night after the dinner hour icognito with a "hoodie" on (with secret service tailing out-of-sight behind) to gauge the reactions he drums up from lone passers-by, police officers, and others who hide behind a shield daily.

Mr. President, just betcha, the truth will set us all free.

Stay posted for updates!

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