Friday, March 23, 2012

Fashion Star...gains momentum! Designer's eye-catching men's shirts hit retailers!

Jessica gives birth to "Oscar" collection?

The other night there was a lot of high drama on "Fashion Star" as one innovative female designer was caught in the middle of a bidding war over a party frock - crafted in a pretty shade of pink - sure to be a hit with budding fashionistas around the country in coming days.

Rightly so!

The buyers' about-face was in stark contrast to the fiasco that went down on last week's segment.

Three major retailers screwed up, in my estimation, when they unceremoniously passed on "Oscar's" dazzling black sequined cocktail dress (which Jessica Simpson was ready to slip into once it was unveiled on the runway - and caught the light just so - sending a million little rainbows this way n' that on the stage).

Go figure!

The excited scramble for this week's delightful offerings - signalled a ray of hope for the reality show (which tosses a searing spotlight on the tough-as-nails rag trade each week) - which teetered a tad last week when it first started out of the gate on opening night.

Though show producers have quite a few kinks to iron out to "make it work", it was evident to folks like moi, that NBC's - "Fashion Star" - has all the essential elements to go the long haul.

Though the buyers were tough on the talent the other evening (the critiques were downright harsh on occasion) the style assessments were "bang on" nonetheless.


Competing for hanger space on the rack of a major department store is not child's play, after all.

Subsequently, the round of nail-biting eliminations that followed, ended up being wicked entertaining bill-of-fare (from where I perched on the sidelines, for sure).

I also found myself applauding the winning designs (a pretty sun dress, a handful of men's shirts rife with heady masculine appeal, and a classy pair of white tuxedo pants which Nicole Richie raved on about) that were purchased to go on sale at Macy's, Saks Fifth Avenue, and H & M retail outlets the following day.

Saleable fashion-forward entries, all!

Amidst all the hoopla and excitement, there were a few tense moments, though.

Lizzie Parker (I panned one of her runway shows at the Los Angeles Fashion Weekend a few days ago for being "old hat") narrowly escaped the axe.

But, somehow had to be given the heave ho, 'ya know?

Unfortunately, the buyers (the mentors, too) were forced to cut fledgling designer "Oscar" loose as a result.

It was an emotional moment for the temperamental "wannabee".

"I have family to support. And, a dog at home," he lamented woefully.

"Maybe I just don't have enough talent," he wondered aloud, as everyone within earshot sadly gazed on.

Curiously, Ms. Simpson made an on-air confession in the wake of his dramatic loss.

"I dreamed that I gave birth to Oscar the other night," she giggled, to disbelievers in her midst.

To me, that was a good omen.

Although Oscar was canned from the "Fashion Star" weekly extravaganza, there is no good reason why Jessica Simpson couldn't launch his collection under a separate label sponsored by the outgoing effervescent star herself.

News at 11!

By the way, isn't it time makeup did something with Elle's hair?

Talk about a fashion disaster!

Nicole Richie a fan of white tuxedo pants!

Oscar contemplates the outcome!

Buyers Beware!

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