Monday, March 26, 2012

Fame...just here to dunk a doughnut, lady!

'Ya know an individual is famous when they pop into the local doughnut shop to satisfy a sweet tooth at some Mom & Pop outfit and the worker behind the counter reacts immediately once she has set her eyes on his or her precious bod.

"I know you!" she exclaims, as the poor sod - just there to dunk a doughnut in his coffee like every other common Joe in the joint - shuffles his feet a tad nervously in response before ordering.

"One chocolate doughnut with nuts on top, please."

At this juncture, the counter-person-cum-server-cum-cashier, stands transfixed on the spot as a flurry of bizarre thoughts race through her dizzy head (judging by the look on her face anyway).

Now that she has the celebrity at arm's length - what, pray tell - should she do?

Ask for an autograph?

Reach out and touch the famed individual and never wash her hand again?

Or, maybe, just pinch herself.


Somehow, the experience is just a little too surreal to wrestle with.

So much so, that the celebrity is forced to toss a wad of cash on the table, and dash out the door in a bold-faced attempt to escape unscathed by all the intense scrutiny.

At this point, the celebrated guest wonders aloud.

Does Winchell's make home deliveries?

News at 11!

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