Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fairfax Theatre...there goes the neighborhood! City gives nod to Condo units!

 Proposed Condo Development for Fairfax District

There goes the neighborhood!

For film buffs, the closure of the historic "Fairfax Theatre" (formerly at Fairfax and Beverly in Hollywood)- a popular movie revival house - is a great loss to the community.

But, to newly transplanted residents, it's just a case of the old making way for the new.

Tattler readers may recall that I reported last year that the theatre in question closed its doors unexpectedly one fine day shrouded in mystery and intrigue.

Rumors persisted!

And, some folks from the Art Deco Society were mad as hell.

Post: 04/25/2010


"Flood damage forced the owner to shut down," some whispered.

"They're probably making way for progress and installing a parking lot," others scoffed to all within earshot.

This past week the news was finally forthcoming and it didn't bode well for fans of the quaint little theatre who trekked up to the revival house weekly to take in a smattering of screenings at bargain-basement prices.

Personally, I spent a dozen-or-so hours during the witching hour below the floodlights, catching an umpteen number of classic films (and B-list contenders) under the auspices of the "Insomniac Cinema" (which threw open its doors at midnight without fail on Friday and Saturday nights for about two years before the celluloid "died").

The Big Lebowski

Post: 01/29/2009

Plan 9 From Outer Space (Ed Wood)

Post: 05/08/08

Dazed & Confused

Post: 03/05/08

The houses were usually packed, raucous, and provided a truckload of laughs for all in attendance into the wee hours of the early dawn.

According to the developer (owner Alex Gorby) the Fairfax Theatre (operated by "The Regency" in its final days as a boutique revival house) site will be replaced by a modern development which will include housing and a rooftop pool (not visible from the street level).

Gorby boasts, in fact, that the corner will feature at least 71 classy CONDO UNITS staggered over five stories (from a height of between 37 and 62 feet) and that an existing Art Deco facade will be incorporated into the design.

Nostalgic folks will be happy to hear that the existing spire - a landmark for years - will continue to beckon from afar to passers-by (a remembrance of days gone by in the old Fairfax District).

Personally, I'll miss the period stand-alone ticket booth which was a real beauty!

Hopefully, it will escape the wrecker's ball, too.

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