Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dr. Christie Masters...incompetent quack physican at UCLA Medical Center! Dr. Rajagopal also a peril to patients!

If you're in urgent need of medical attention - and need to check into a hospital - avoid UCLA Medical Center like the plague.

Otherwise, you may end up in the care of incompetent quack physicians - such as Dr. Christie Masters or Dr. Nalini Rajagopal - and end up worse-for-wear and SOL (sh*t out-of-luck) medically-speaking.

For example, patients have complained that both doctors don't have a professional clue, especially when it comes to properly diagnosing an illness, let alone writing a prescription to cure a patient's ailments.


Both Masters and Rajagopal are known to run up a battery of useless tests - ad nauseam (at exorbitant cost, mind you) - in a bold-faced effort to (i) fill the coffers at UCLA; (ii) hope they stumble on the nagging elusive ailment (that they're unable to pin down) that is causing the patient undue discomfort and excruciating debilitating pain.

In fact, for the most part - patients are often discharged without being properly diagnosed or treated, either.

Subsequently, they are forced to return to the emergency department again - and again - and again!

And, chances are they may depart the premises leaving behind a trail of blood, too.


For instance, when one patient had an IV removed, the nurse failed to properly bandage the patient's arm.

As he strolled toward the exit, the band-aid fell off, and he started to leave a trail of blood all the way down the hall.

Though the problem was brought to the attention of Dr. Masters and Dr. Rajagopal - who were standing by in the hall chatting each other up - they didn't even bother to show any professional concern (or even lift a finger to assist their bleeding patient).

Another distressing problem?

Neither doctor is capable of writing a legitimate prescription - or following through professionally - when they slip up in respect to protocol at the pharmacy.

For instance, when one patient was handed a list of prescriptions to have filled, he noticed that Dr.  Nalini Rajagopal neglected to include one of the medicines along with the discharge papers.

When he brought the error to her attention, she quickly scribbled in the information by hand (!), with little more ado.

Unfortunately, when the patient attempted to pick up the prescriptions at CVS, the medicine was not forthcoming for at least two good reasons.

Did the pharmacist suspect that the patient forged the document to secure a painkiller that he was not legitimately entitled to because it was hand-written?

Wholly possible, don't 'ya think?

Notwithstanding that niggling issue, it should be pointed out that Dr. Rajagopal also neglected to write the prescription in triplicate which is required by California State Law

You'd think it would be a simple task to rectify the error, right?


At this juncture, both doctor's shocking lack of ethics and disturbing unprofessional conduct, reared its ugly head.

For example, when the patient (who was waiting in the pharmacy) asked to speak to the Doctor when she returned the pharmacist's call at CVS, she refused to have a conversation with the individual on the telephone.

At first, she engaged in a shoddy attempt - a literal conspiracy - to cover-up her own incompetence and that of her fellow physician at UCLA.

For starters, she falsely alleged to the CVS employee that she did not recall the patient in question.

The audacity!

How could that be?

The patient was just discharged from her care (which lasted ten days in duration) at UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica (CA).

Is she a brainless "space cadet", or what?

At this point, when the patient (who was beside himself with grief) "threatened" to file a complaint with the State Medical Board - and Administration at UCLA - Dr. Masters finally relented and reluctantly proceeded to speak to the patient on the telephone.

At this juncture, Dr. Masters engaged in a shameful  despicable charade.

"I can't refill that prescription," she angrily snarled at the patient.

"It's not a refill," the patient protested profusely.

"The prescription was never written properly in triplicate. The pharmacy called the UCLA Medical Center three times to correct the error, but no one returned the calls. It was Dr. Rajagopal's fault. She doesn't know how to write a prescription!"

Obviously, Dr. Masters was either an idiot, or engaging in a conspiracy to cover-up the mistakes (and incompetence) of her associate at the hospital at this point.

"I can't refill it," she snarled at the patient.


"It's not a refill! It was never filled because the prescription wasn't written properly," the patient angrily shouted back, as customers in the store stared on in total shock.

No matter.

Dr. Masters - an incompetent, unprofessional physician with no empathy or compassion - refused to relent.

"Get your primary care doctor to fill it," she rudely snapped back.

She could care less about the patients "pain" or the inconvenience - or delays - involved with following such a pathetic insulting directive.


Dr. Masters should be strung up by the "titties" in the town square and tar-and-feathered.

She is not only a disgrace to the medical profession, but a menace to the community-at-large.

Dr. Nalini Rajagopal should be hoisted up right alongside her, too.


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