Monday, March 12, 2012

Donald shave head! "Rug" locks auctioned for charity?

On a rare occasion, I actually tuned in to take a gander at Celebrity Apprentice starring the Trump clan.


What kind of a name is that?

Anyhoo, let's face it, the entertainment terrain was pretty barren on all the three major networks last night.

What was a bored boy to do, eh?

But, surprise!

Shortly after I uncomfortably settled into my comfy easy chair, I was jolted bolt upright, by golly.

And, the source of the emotional upset was surprising, you betcha!

In one unrehearsed spontaneous moment, Donald Trump (who is normally a cold calculating character, for the most part) kidded to the contestants on hand that he might throw caution to the wind and actually shave his head one fine day!

"It would be so much easier," he quipped, off-the-cuff.

Well, my own knee-jerk reaction was pretty swift, I tell 'ya.

I shouted at the TV screen, in fact.

"Donald, do you promise?"

After all, that "helmet" (which vicious detractors swear up-and-down is a cheaply-crafted rug) has been the butt of a truckload of nasty jokes since Trump first slivered into the spotlight on the broadcast airwaves with all the charm of a snake-oil-salesman.

After I picked myself up off the floor, and snapped my jaw back into place, a light bulb sort-of went off inside of my little noggin', too.


I have a challenge for "The Donald".

If the irascible rascal will trek off to the nearest clip joint to have his ears lowered (and his head polished & photographed for posterity, too) I'll personally get down on my hands and knees and collect all the tired teased dry ends and slip them into a sealed plastic bag so that they can be auctioned off to benefit the charity of Mr. Trump's choice.

Are you game, Mr. Trump?

The shears are in his corner at this point, folks!

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