Saturday, March 31, 2012

"One Direction"...MySpace friends sign book deal! World Tour launches May 24th!

It's not always possible to keep abreast of what's going on in the heady world of show biz - let alone - the lofty hedonistic realms of a bevy of up-and-coming bustling "Boy Bands" where talented teenage lads are constantly busting out and literally bursting at the seams for their hot-to-trot fans around the face of the globe.


I am fortunate - however - that because MySpace friends (such as "The Back Street Boys" and "New Kids on the Block") continually fire off updates on their tours and sizzling-hot news alerts on their latest scintillating video releases, I am able to keep up - and in step - with a posse of 'em (from my era - at least - for sure!)

But, when I got a request from"One Direction" to be "friends" right out-of-the-blue one fine day - I fess up - I was completely in the dark.


I wasn't even a tad familiar with the engaging lads from across the great pond!

Was I astral-travelling around the galaxy when they made their grand musical entrance on the planet that week?

And, according to their handlers, the bright Brit boy band has also inked a deal with keen book publishers at HarperCollins, who are in the process of coining a coffee-table showpiece replete with titillating exclusive one-on-one interviews and a revealing in-depth back story tracking the quintet's mercurial rise to International superstardom (and beyond?).

So, when I clicked on the "link" they sent along, I was taken by surprise alright.

In less than a nano-second - there I was - face-to-face with their engaging publicity still for starters.

And, tucked inside, was a dynamite soundtrack of their latest pop release.

It was a bullet, alright.

In fact, their 1st album - "Up All Night" - went platinum in a few scant weeks.

A musical phenomenon!

Yeah, their out of this world, alright!

In addition, a far-reaching U.S. tour will also be launched, precisely two days after the pricey book hits the shelves on or about May 24th around the country.

What, a British Music Invasion, again?

Save your allowance, kiddies, if 'ya want to go along for the wild ride.

Justin Beiber eat your heart out.

After all, at 18, you're getting  - um - old!

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