Friday, March 23, 2012

CVS...incompetent staff at greedy corporate entity! A menace to the community!

I often refer to the "outfit" as the "Evil Empire".

Some - who have criticized their coupon give-a-aways (a Los Angeles Times journalist, for starters) - are also under the impression "they" are a menace to the community-at-large.

The Federal Government has fined the "evil-doers" over a million dollars (and some change) for engaging in deceptive business practices (which include failing to honor product sticker prices on the store shelves and releasing confidential customer information without their written permission).

Of course, I am referring to CVS - the corporate giant - out to get a stranglehold on the pharmaceutical market and any other retail enterprise ripe for raiding!

Tattler readers may recall that I have posted consumer alerts on CVS in the past.

Post: 08/31/2009

Post: 10/16/2011

Many customers are also frustrated by the incompetent employees who man the cash registers, too.

After all, the staff at CVS tend to be rude, insulting, and unqualified for the job.

At a time when folks in middle America are begging for work, you'd think that CVS would have the cream of-the-crop in the hiring pool at their disposal, but I guess not.

For some inexplicable reason, CVS management continues to employ losers like those on duty at the outlet situated on Santa Monica Blvd (at La Cienega) in West Hollywood (90069) that I encountered yesterday afternoon.

Consequently, shoppers are fleeing in droves, trotting elsewhere for their retail needs.

In fact, after a nasty incident at the pharmacy on Thursday, I intend to discontinue my long-time patronage there, too.

The unfortunate encounter with a rude unprofessional cashier reared its ugly head on the heels of dropping off a couple of prescriptions two weeks ago.

Although I was informed by telephone (on my voice mail unit) that the medicine was ready - that was simply not the case - when I took a trek in to pick up the simple order.

In fact, the pharmacist and his motley crew screwed up royally!

For example, the CVS staff - not only rustled up a prescription I did not ask for - but also neglected to fill another one I was urgently in need of.

When I pointed out the snafu, instead of offering up an apology, the clerk reluctantly agreed to telephone the doctor to straighten out the alleged misunderstanding (which occurred on the other end, of course, according to the dimwit I was in conversation with).

At this juncture, though, the employee's incompetence - and lack of experience on the job - ended up causing additional excessive (distressing) delays.

For instance, initially - when I asked to speak to a doctor at UCLA  to ensure the details of the mishap were explained well enough to enable CVS staff to prepare the order without further mishap - the gal (who seemed to be under the mistaken impression that she was a beauty Queen or something) proceeded to give me the run-around.

Later, once the doctor returned the call, the ditzy broad screwed-up once again.


Because the doctor was none-the-wiser about the specifics (the order was not a "refill" as falsely relayed to the physican) the prescription didn't get filled!

When I demanded she call the physcian back to straighten out the error, she balked at the simple request, before striding off in a huff.

"Perhaps you should call the doctor from your home," she snapped back at me.

A request to see the Manager ruffled her feathers, too.

She'd prefer to sweep the whole thing under the dirty rug, you betcha.

Talk about unprofessional self-serving reprehensible conduct.

How did this low-life loser ever land the job at CVS?

Has she been offering up "blow jobs" on her knees in the back storage room to the managers and stock boys to keep her precious post or what?

Right then and there - it suddenly dawned on me, too - that I was a fool to waste any more of my valuable time at CVS that afternoon (or ever again).

Frankly, I'd have to be a masochist to shop there in the future, I thought to myself later, as I angrily strode out the door with a posse of startled customers staring on in shock from the sidelines.

Good golly, Ms. Molly!

Walgreen's & Rite-Aid are starting to look better every day, eh?

Shopping needs best purchased elsewhere!

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