Thursday, March 15, 2012

Channing Tatum...rustles up fan hysteria on Jay Leno! "21 Jump Street" new release Friday!

Heartthrob flavor of the month - Channing Tatum - delighted female fans last  night when he trotted out onto the Tonight Show stage to chat about his new flick.

In fact, at every opportunity, ecstatic fans whooped and hollered from below the footlights at the NBC sound studio where the Leno show is taped daily before a live audience.

For example, when a publicity still of Channing as a cute toddler splashed across the screen, deafening screams erupted from beyond and continued for minutes non-stop.

The sexy hunk has been savoring a wave of popularity since "The Vow" catapulted him into the spotlight in recent weeks.

Filmgoers may recall that the handsome up-and-coming star also starred in the tear-jerker "Dear John" in the recent past

Channing's latest flick - "21 Jump Street" (a spoof on the old TV Show which starred Johnny Depp) is expected to fare well when it is released on the wide screen at the end of the week.

Dressed conservatively in a sportcoat and tie, the actor appeared to be pretty down-to-earth, and unaffected by all the clamoring attention in recent days.

On set, allegedly Mr. Channing was quite the prankster, too.

In one set-up, he allegedly he strolled out with a gargantuan penis strapped to his sexy bod, to take his female co-star by surprise.

That, he did!

"According to the script, she'd never seen a penis before. So, I wanted to make sure it was a big one," he joked to Jay Leno, who was all - um - ears!

Needless to say, he elicited the appropriate response, and to the director's satisfaction.

Judging by Tatum's recent success, and his easy-going manner, I expect the up-and-coming star is in for the long haul.

See 'ya at the movies, Tatum!

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