Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Beverly Hills...sculpture a piece of sh*t? Roxy Paine art waste of precious art funds!

For a few years, joggers who strolled along the Beverly Hills "flats" each day, were treated to a tasteful collection of visually-appealing sculptures that dotted the pretty landscape as they made their way through the exclusive upscale enclave sandwiched between Santa Monica and West Hollywood in Los Angeles County.

However, that all changed when the Beverly Hills Art Fund purchased a piece of sculpture from an artist by the name of one Roxy Paine.

When I first spied the eyesore on the well-manicured lawn edging the picturesque rose gardens recently, I just about wretched.

The work - titled "Erratic" - has no redeeming value at all in my estimation.

If anything, the sorry lode reminds me of a pile of silver-coated "sh*t", you betcha.

Whoever approved this garbage was either politically-motivated or making good on a promise.

Bottom line?

What a dreadful waste of art funds or taxpayer money.

If we're lucky, some enterprising individual will "scoop" up the "shat" under the cover of darkness, and sell it for the scrap metal.


Funds better utilized for refreshing fountains such as this!

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