Saturday, March 31, 2012

American Idol...Jennifer Lopez's "Nicki Minaj" quote of day reported by Julian Ayrs!

On the heels of a stand-out live! performance on "American Idol" this past week - eccentric pop star Nicki Minaj (who committed a disastrous fashion faux pas when she squeezed into a stage get-up that was a sparkly tacky mess) - was asked by Ryan Seacrest to enlighten viewers at home as to what was next on the horizon for the glitzy - at times over-the-top - show-biz wonder.

"I'd like to be a guest Judge on American Idol," she teased coyly, as the celebrated three bench-warmers below the footlights cackled with glee.

Then, without blinking a pretty eyelash, Jennifer managed to up-and-pull a funny. 

A funny - ha-ha - in fact.

"I don't think there's enough room for the two of us up here," she quipped, as the studio audience roared in approval.

I just about fell out of off my own comfy perch, I was so taken by surprise.


Without meaning to, Ms. Lopez succeeded in taking a nasty swipe at herself, though I surmise she didn't mean to.

After all, according to my expert calculations, Nicki and Jennifer's hips - side-by-side - would undoubtedly measure up to the width of a four-ton Mac Truck for starters.

But, thankfully, Lopez possesses enough fashion sensibility to hide the cascading pounds of flesh beneath a pretty frock, with a little expert nipping-and-tucking here-and-there in the tailoring process backstage (of course!).

Just betcha, a lot of smoke & mirrors is involved, too.

As to - um - Ms. Minaj?

'Nuff said!

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