Monday, February 13, 2012

Tom Hanks..."Oscar" quote of the day! Reported by Julian Ayrs!

At a meet-and-greet last week at the tony Beverly Hilton Hotel in downtown Beverly Hills, Oscar nominees (and industry-insiders too) seized on the golden opportunity to openly schmooze with their contemporaries, aggressively plug a project or two, and - as sexy actor George Clooney aptly described it - sip on the "free booze".

It will come out of your dues, George!

A handful of the studio brass - and a celebrated luminary or two (Meryl Streep, Brad Pitt, and Steven Spielberg, to name a few) - also took in a "workshop" that was presented for all in attendance in the form of a witty video.

The Academy produced the tutorial in a bold-faced (tongue & cheek?) effort to coach the nominees on how to stride up to the podium and tastefully utter up thanks to friends, family, and business associates (and the little people, too) without choking - or making a fool of themselves - in front of the multitudes.

With a nod from the Academy, Tom Hanks uttered up some thoughts, that were bang on in my estimation.

For example, the Oscar-winner urged the nominees to - not only use a bit of levity once they made their trek up to the stage - but be sure that their speeches were short and sweet.

Tweet size, perhaps?

At this juncture, Hanks gets kudos for the Oscar quote of the day.

"Remember, the longer winners talk, the less-interesting they become."


In closing?

I trust that Meryl Streep will have learned her lessons well that day and refrain from using foul language (like sh**) in the event she nabs the coveted trophy!

Not good for my virgin ears, after all.

Stay tuned for updates on the Oscar Celebrations, folks!

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