Friday, February 10, 2012

Prince Harry...randy rough 'n tough Captain a top gun!

At a time when American soldiers are being put on notice that their tour of duty may be winding down at long last, rough 'n tumble top guns - like Prince Harry, for instance - are gearing up for lift-off to take up the cause overseas once again.

For the handsome Captain - brother of the future of the King of England - the maneuvers amount to follow-up (top-secret) assignments previously cut short by dangerous news black outs (according to insiders in the intelligence community).

As the Queen's troops patrol the Afghanistan terrain, Prince Harry - a rambunctious socialite (known to toss back a brewskie or two and party-hearty) - is expected to to man a state-of-the-art Apache attack helicopter overhead as he keeps a watchful eye out.

Without doubt, the swashbuckling bachelor will cause hearts to flutter in the duration, both here and across the big pond.

Just betcha, Pippa will be pining away for the stud in Jolly Old England, too.

Is another Royal Wedding on the horizon perchance?

News at 11!

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