Friday, February 10, 2012

Norman Reedus...predictions right on! "The Walking Dead" a hit!

On occasion, the role of movie reviewer and talent scout can be quite gratifying - and such has been the case in respect to Zombie-thriller actor - Norman Reedus.

For example, a scant few years ago I attended a tony screening of an Independent film - "Moscow Chill" (Beverly Hills Fine Arts Theatre) and was knocked out by the kid's characterization of a computer whiz which was natural and seamless.

At the time, I enthusiastically predicted that Reedus was slated to become an "it" boy one day come hell or high water.

Post: 02/28/2008

At long last, it appears that Norman's star has finally risen to heady climbs only capable of being imagined previously.

For example, the rugged star's gifts are currently being showcased on a high-profile TV serial (The Walking Dead) which has earned him oodles of dizzying attention in full-blown cult circles.

Also, studly Reedus recently landed juicy roles in three feature films being buzzed about (talk about stamina!) which are all in post-production.

Next up?

Fans can't wait to catch the charismatic performer on the silver screen alongside pretty Naomi Watts and heartthrob Matt Dillon in Sunlight Jr.

Recently, OMG, the high-flying actor also rubbed shoulders and exchanged thoughts on acting with the likes of well-respected Robert Redford on the set of "The Conspirator".

If Norman's face looks familiar, it comes as no surprise to most film buffs.

Early on in his career, Reedus starred opposite Sean Patrick Flanery and talented Willem Dafoe in the cult classic "The Boondock Saints".

The way things are going, I expect "American Idol" will be offering him a job as a Judge next season, eh?

Just kidding.

I truly doubt he'd sell out or exploit his gifts.

Break a leg, Norman!

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