Friday, February 3, 2012

Madonna...masochist gives advice to Superbowl Football studs!

When it was announced yesterday that an injured football stud might bow out of the much-anticipated Superbowl match this weekend to allow his wounds to heal, one aggressive roving reporter was inclined to get up-close-and-personal to rustle up Madonna's take on things.

"If it were you, Madonna, would you go out onto the grid-iron?"

Though the question took the material girl off-guard for a nano-second or two, her response was forthcoming, nonetheless.

"People will think I am a masochist; but, yes, I would.  I'd wrap the limb with some tape, down an anti-inflammatory, then trot out to play ball," the Pop Diva responded, without batting so much as a pretty sultry eyelash.


Ride that axe, you old trooper.

Between you and moi?

The mere thought of being tackled by any one (or all) of those studly athletes (at the height of their manly prime at the top of their game) would surely trigger a super - um - size orgasm (that's for sure, Madge!).

Go get 'em, girl!

Meanwhile, folks are tittering over tantalizing backstage news that hit the fan, today.

Allegedly, Madonna's wardrobe malfunctioned in rehearsals just a few scant hours ago.

Or, was that juicy bit of titillating gossip just a "plant" orchestrated by Madonna's handlers to get non-sports fans to tune in at half-time?

News at 11!

Knock-out ads expected to drum of big bucks for the Superbowl coffers!

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