Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lindsay Lohan...to portray dazzling screen siren Elizabeth Taylor in "Liz & Dick"?

Lindsay Lohan is probably counting her blessings these days and kissing the blues good-bye!

For good reason!

After all, the sexy young starlet has a new gig hosting Saturday Night Live!

Look for the troubled superstar to pop up on the old boob tube on March 3rd, provided she remains in good graces with the court.

And, get this!

The sexy young starlet may be portraying the legendary screen siren - Elizabeth Taylor - in a Lifetime MOW (made-for-TV movie) which is being orchestrated behind-the-scenes by Larry Thompson who has had his heart set on producing the project since 2011.

Tentatively titled - "Liz & Dick" - one has to seriusly wonder if Ms. Lohan has the acting chops to pull-off the plum - but challenging - assignment off.

Ms. Taylor was a great beauty - and formidable talent - after all!

Stay posted for updates!

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