Thursday, February 2, 2012

Barack Obama...jets to San Francisco for fundraiser! Photo ops!

Handlers at Barack Obama's re-election campaign headquarters (oh, so he is seeking a second term!) have announced that the President is slated to jet in to the San Francisco Bay Area on February 16th to raise funds.


Zany Frisco - as Newt Gingrich would have it - is truly a cash cow when it comes to the Commander-in-Chief!

The Regency Center will play host to the tony event - guaranteed to lure social climbers and deep pocket political hacks alike - out of the proverbial woodwork.

Locals are also expected to groan about snarling traffic jams, pushy over-the-top security details, and pricey photo ops.


For $10,000.00 a pop, gushing DEMS - lookie loo's, too - will be invited to sidle up to the PREZ and have a publicity still snapped for posterity.

No posterior shots, though.

Die-hard fans have three options to choose from when "sitting" with President Obama; for example, one set-up features a smiling Obama in a smartly-tailored suit (looking very Presidential), another focuses the searing lens on Barack sans jacket with sleeves rolled up (the blue-collar worker look), and - last, but not least - zeroes in on Michelle's other-half crooning an Al Green tune on a karaoke stage.

A muscle shot requires special handling, folks!

See 'ya there, eh?

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