Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Women's Fashion Forecast...Art-Deco inspired flappers all the rage!

Europe's elite couture houses have turned their fashion sensibilities back to the eclectic - at times whimsical - musings of a fanciful bygone era to rustle up a slew of eye-popping cocktail dresses sure to pump breathy life (think Marilyn, dahlinks!) into the fast-paced nightclub circuit come spring.

For starters,daring designers have been tossing a shimmering spotlight on the notorious femme fatale, and fathomed up an exuberant take on "flappers" and scintillating art-deco flourishes that still have the potent power to dazzle and flatter (provided the sultry babes have the silhouettes to pull the sultry look off, that is).

The vamp is in vogue - and fashionistas with a keen eye for bellweather trends - are jumping all over the threads with gay abandon.

The stand-outs are expected to - not only smolder on the runways - but exalt glamour and style ad they make their merry way through the heady climbs of the International jet-set terrain.

Collections are beyond the pale, and not for the shrinking violets of the world, I'll say.

Confident feminine women - sassy ones, too -  will be tripping-the-light-fantastic in chic outfits that boast metallic eye-catching flourishes, echo subtlety etched geometric patterns from the roaring 20's, and a bevy of beauteous beads, feathers, and lace to boot.

Romance is in style once again!

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