Thursday, January 5, 2012

Starbucks...slow business shut down! Java up 10 cents a cup!

Tourists were a bit startled over the weekend when they encountered a crude hand-written sign on the door of the Starbucks outlet on Montgomery Street in the downtown financial District of San Francisco informing them that the cafe was closed due to a slow-down in business!

Die-hard fans of the Seattle-based coffee-maker were forced to retrace their footsteps and bounce into "Peets" for their daily jolt of java and pastry treats instead (where business was booming, by the way).


Is the high-end java-maker facing a downward trend - or, just perhaps - the competition is gaining an edge in an overcrowded aggressive marketplace where the coffee bean is king?

Curiously, just yesterday, red-faced execs at headquarters in Washington State were forced to fess up that due to "rising costs", a cup of coffee at the celebrated coffee house will be going up 10 cents a cup in a handful of states around the country.

Tea is starting to taste better every day!

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